Matt Russell

“I’m most proud of finishing 6th in the World at 2018 Ironman World Championships that was exactly a year after being hit by a car during 2017 Ironman World Championships and nearly losing my life.”

Matt Russell trains indoors as much as possible: “I do this because I have a family, but also for safety.” For Matt, the safety aspect doesn’t come out of the blue – he narrowly survived a cycling accident in 2017.


Matt Russell was hit by a car during the Ironman World Championship in 2017. He chose to fight and come back and he succeeded. Exactly one year later, he finished in sixth place at the same World Championship.


“To win an Ironman, my bike performance must be at the top level. To achieve this, I choose the TrueBike. When I tried the TrueBike for the first time, I knew I wanted to train on it more often. When a bike feels good, then you want to spend more time on it. The more you ride, the better you get.”


“On an indoor training bike with a flywheel, I felt too little resistance and therefore I didn’t enjoy the training sessions. The TrueBike is really something else: it creates the right resistance. In addition, it’s nice that it’s a complete indoor training bike, so I don’t have to constantly put my road bike in a trainer.”


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