Sports documentary's to watch while you're in quarantine

April: Desire is nourished by delays

Like many companies, TrueKinetix is trying to cope with the challenges that the Coronavirus throws at us. A month ago we were hustling to deliver our TrueBikes fast enough, service our incoming customers even faster, whilst driving down our feature backlog.

Given the crisis, we are trying to make the most of it. We decided that rather than fight it, we can better live it as best we can. So putting the health of our employees first, we let everybody work from home if at all possible. But we also used the time to rethink our design choices and to rewrite some of the code we might have thrown together a bit too hastily. And as communication got so much harder we are taking the time to retrain each other too in communicating clearly and with purpose. I hope you can achieve the same in your family, work, and community: Regroup, rethink and retrain.

Best of luck!

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In this issue:

– Team member Elke Neefs trains for her first triathlon: ‘Which triathlon I’m training for is still unknown, but that day will come.’
– How cycling pros cope with COVID-19
– Documentaries about cycling and sports while you’re in quarantine

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