Bas van Rens and the TrueBike

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It started with a personal frustration

In 2016 Bas van Rens was training indoors the whole winter for the Ironman Hawaii and missed his qualification by eight minutes. He couldn’t help the feeling that he had trained the wrong way. After an evaluation, his feeling was confirmed: he had trained the wrong muscles. That’s why he wanted to invent the best indoor trainer.
bas en the truebike
TrueKinetix Team

Let’s build the smoothest smart bike ever

He had the dream of developing an innovative smart bike with a smooth feel that no one had ever imagined possible. He quit his job in 2017 and started TrueKinetix in 2018. From then more and more team members joined him.
Moving the TrueBike is easy

Built with awesome partners

In collaboration with TU Delft and TU Eindhoven, the first prototype of the TrueBike was built. That same year, NOC*NSF bought the first TrueBike, followed by the early adopters who helped us perfect the TrueBike.
Electric shifting on the TrueBike

How did we make the TrueBike feel like magic?

We replaced the flywheel with a smart robot and strong motor. It can fully simulate the right pedal force, calculated for your body weight and length. That’s why the TrueBike feels like your ultimate indoor ride!

Anna van der breggen full gas on a truebike

Trusted by Olympic athletes

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I have a funny feeling that we’ll see TrueKinetix move faster than Wahoo

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