9 reasons why indoor cycling was already awesome before COVID-19

9 reasons why indoor cycling is awesome

Indoor cycling has become more important because the coronavirus can’t stop us from having awesome rides. The roads are very busy, so we appreciate our indoor bike more than ever before. But this virus will disappear one day, and we know indoor cycling won’t. We will give you 9 reasons why.

Reason 1: Better safe, than sorry

Every cyclist loves a bit of tension, but traffic accidents are not what we have in mind. The numbers from the United States are shocking to us: 857 cyclists were killed in 2018, and that’s 6.3 percent higher than the year before, according to the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board. In the US it has become more dangerous in crowded cities so, because of urbanization, indoor cycling becomes more and more interesting.

While we are blessed with cycling paths in the Netherlands, it can be dangerous here, too. Eenvandaag.nl: “The number of cyclists who end up in the emergency room has more than doubled in four years. In 2014, more than 5,000 cyclists ended up in the emergency room after an accident. In 2010 there were still 2,000. According to research conducted by VeiligheidNL.”

Reason 2: Home is where the bad weather isn’t

Too much rain and wind are perfect reasons to give your outdoor bike a break and too much sun can also be very unhealthy. To avoid sunburn and prevent damage to your skin, it’s better to avoid too much sun.

Reason 3: The air can be bad too

We all dream of rides in the fresh air, but sometimes the air can be damaging to your lungs. Think about crowded urban places with smog. Triathlete coach Joe Friel talks about this problem in his newest blog (August 15, 2020): “Compared to a sedentary population that spends less than an hour a day outdoors breathing unfiltered air, endurance athletes spend hundreds more hours each year outdoors breathing at least 10 times the volume of air.” That’s why the air you breath needs to be healthy, and sometimes that air is inside your (ventilated) home.

Reason 4: Focus on your training and nothing else

On the indoor bike, you can exactly plan the training you want to do, there are no unexpected circumstances like, wind, traffic lights, and cars. Dutch pro cyclist Rick Veldkamp (competing in the World Championship para-cycling) trains outdoors with his team, and in Sportscentre Papendal. At home he trains on the TrueBike and he noticed a lot of great benefits, even though he wasn’t a big fan of indoor cycling at first.

Rick Veldkamp: “On an indoor bike 400 watts for 10 minutes is really 400 watts for ten minutes. When you do that on the road you always have a moment that you slack off a little bit because you are going down-hill a bit or you have to brake for a turn or for an oncoming car or something like that, so indoors it is a lot flatter and a lot more controlled and therefore a lot faster.”

Reason 5: Save yourself a lot of time with indoor cycling

In the Netherlands, the cities are not very big. From a lot of places, you can cycle along the special cycling paths to nature where it’s quieter (this was before corona, when everybody started cycling or hiking) and healthier to breathe. To us, it’s an eye-opener to read messages like: “Perhaps the biggest time saver is the fact you don’t have to ride to a location where you can start your workout.
For many urban and suburban athletes, it can take 30 minutes or more of riding roads and paths dotted with stop signs, traffic lights, congested traffic, hostile drivers, and road infrastructure that was not designed with bicycles in mind,” according to Joe Friel in this same blog. Since we choose to develop a whole indoor smarttrainer, we don’t even have to assemble our outdoor bike in a trainer. You just turn on the bike and ride within a couple of minutes.

Reason 6: The kids won’t be alone (or with a babysitter)

You can cycle while your kids are in bed (and while it’s already dark outside). Are they still awake? You can watch them while you train. Of course, it’s not ideal when you need to interrupt your training when they decide to misbehave anyway. But they will be safe when you’re around and that’s the most important thing. And, as mentioned in Reason 5, the smart trainer saves you time and this also gives you more time with your kids.

Reason 7: Share more fun: share your indoor bike

A lot of cyclists have an indoor bike at home, but indoor bikes are a very nice solution in an office space to share with colleagues. For example, our TrueBike is very easy to change to your own size (saddle, steer, frame) or for another user. It’s easy to share the bike with your partner, friends, and colleagues, while of course you are still all training on your personal accounts.

Reason 8: Gamification and indoor cycling

Cycling indoors is not a one-man show anymore. Thanks to online solutions you can cycle against the pros, your friends, or in a training class with strangers. You can cycle through the mountains and cities while you’re in your living room, thanks to apps like Zwift and Rouvy. Read more about apps that make your indoor cycling training more fun in our blog.

Reason 9: Also indoors you can mimic the same road feel as outdoors

Cycling  indoors will always be different from outdoors. There’s no breeze and sunlight, but you can experience the same roadfeel as outdoors. That’s why we invented the TrueBike: no flywheel, but a motor, combined with a self-learning robot. In every point of the pedal stroke, we measure the exact resistance you feel on your outdoor bike. You can read more about our story on this page.

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Joe Friel wrote a book about cycling indoors: Ride Inside. Maybe this is an interesting book to add to your wishlist.