7 tips to stay fit at home: This is how you can make it more comfortable

7 tips to stay fit at home: This is how you can make it more comfortable

Times are different because of COVID-19. It’s important to stay fit if you have the chance. 7 tips from us on how to stay fit at home. Update: Because of COVID-19 we cancel all our activities in our Experience Store.

1. Make a plan to stay fit

Try to make a training plan, just like you normally would. This keeps you sharp, and motivated. You can give your trainer a phone call to ask for advice and you can look for plans on the internet. A lot of trainers replace their live training with an online class.

2. Choose a spot in your home to train

Make it more comfortable by creating a standard training spot in your home. It can be small, but if it stays in view, it will be easier to remember your exercises.

3. Use your indoor trainer and fun apps

Make it more fun with an application like Zwift. There are other options too. Read here how you can make your indoor training more fun.

4. Work-out if you don’t have any tools

If you don’t have an indoor trainer, there are many possibilities to train anyway. Lucky us: there’s Wi-fi, and YouTube is filled a lot of great work-outs. All you need is a comfortable mat to lay down on. You can
search for work-outs like “30-minute challenge without equipment”.

5. Share your work-outs

Don’t lose contact with your friends, and share your activities to motivate them too. It is important to help each other, and excise is very important to stay healthy and happy.

6. Don’t force yourself

Remember not to train too much, to prevent injuries. Even when you get very bored at home, it is important to rest just as you would normally and it is better not to have to visit your physiotherapist…

Don’t forget to go outside

Of course, you still can go for a walk to catch some fresh air and run. Good luck!