Award-winning technology


The most complete model of the award-winning TrueBike. The TrueBike duplicates your pedal strokes for the true road feel.

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The entry-level model of the award-winning TrueBike with a smaller footprint and the same big punch.

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The only trainer to deliver spot-on pedal force that fits you. All the goodness of the TrueBike in a small package.

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Trusted by olympic athletes

“The TrueForce technology feels exactly like cycling outside on a road bike”
Anna van der Breggen
Olympic Champion Road Cycling
trueforce technology

Award-winning technology

This game-changing technology provides the true road feel of cycling outdoors and will take your cycling to new heights. Instead of a traditional flywheel, TrueForce Technology is powered by robotics and a powerful electric motor.

TrueForce technology

The TrueBike replicates the outdoor cycling experience to perfection

Wielerflits review

Great bike!

Since two weeks I am the proud owner of a Truebike. It is a real pleasure to train indoor on this beautifull bike. Riding on this trainer is as realistic as can be. The software and gears work great and the support from Truekinetix is perfect. You have to try it yourself to experience the difference between the Truebike robotica and the old fashion flywheel trainers. I can recommend this bike to everyone who would like to improve their performance. I am sure this will give my performance on the outdoor bike in spring 2022 a enormous boost!

Edwin Otto

The new Truebike

We have had a Truebike for just over 1 year and it is above expectations.
It’s quiet, it looks en feels like a real bike. In our family 3 persons use it and unanimously we train more and more efficiently with the Truebike. In combination with or without Zwift.
It’s great!

G Berkouwer

Great Indoor Bike!

After many years refusing to “Zwift” to indoor bike training I decided to go for it. Nevertheless I was still skeptical if I would really like it. Choosing the TrueBike is really the best option go for. The bike truly feels the same as indoor riding. The gear shifting works perfect. Same applies to connecting to the Zwift.

Robert van den Tillaart

We love sports

We believe that sports is the key to staying fit and healthy. That’s why we developed the TrueForce Technology.

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