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TrueBike gives you the true feel of an outdoor bike.

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TrueBike: The first robotized indoor bike

Calculating the right resistance at every point in your pedal stroke.

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The TrueBike

Get ready for your outdoor challenge

The reason you train indoors is to get ready for outdoor events. That’s why you want your indoor training to transfer exactly to the outdoors. Without any decrease in fitness or muscle strength.

Find out how the TrueBike works


— Rob Barel, Ironman Hawaii age group world record holder
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customizable frame size

The TrueBike comes fully equipped and its no-nonsense frame remains true to the proportions and dimensions of your outdoor bike.

mimics exact forces

By replicating the resistance on the pedals during outdoor cycling, the TrueBike is able to achieve the right neuromuscular load indoors.

robotized movement

The most important feature of the TrueBike is its brain. No fragile gears, derailleurs or cables: this is pure robotics.

optimized data output

The full colour monitor gives direct feedback on live specs like velocity, distance, time, elevation, power and cadence. TrueBike puts the data at your fingertips, so you can optimize every training, indoors and outdoors.

robotized movement

mimics exact forces

customizable frame size

optimized data output

Ensure you’re training the right muscles

Until now many athletes feel that indoor cycling is less efficient than cycling outdoors. Why? Because the resistance you feel during the push phase is too low and the resistance in the dead point of your pedal revolution is too high. As a result, the muscles you normally use for cycling are not stressed enough while smaller muscles you hardly use have to pick up the slack.

The TrueBike advantages

  • Perfect force distribution in every pedal stroke
  • Less fatigue thanks to muscle loads identical to outdoors
  • Leaves road bike unharmed
  • Direct feedback on built-in full color screen
  • 15% incline and descend
  • Adapt to any road bike and time trial geometry