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The indoor bike that makes your indoor ride as smooth as outside.

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The first direct-drive trainer that makes indoor cycling as smooth as outdoor cycling.

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Not just another indoor trainer

Powered by the award-winning TrueForce Technology, our products are built around an innovative second-generation force-generating unit instead of a traditional flywheel.

Developed by a rebellious triathlete and two top universities, the TrueForce Technology gives you the best of science and cycling.

True outdoor cycling experience

Equipped with robotics and a powerful motor, our trainers simulate the same forces of outdoor cycling. The built-in rockerplate frame mimic the same movements of outdoor cycling and allow you to ride for longer.

through science

By generating resistance via robotics and a strong motor, our trainers have no limitations determined by the weight of a flywheel. As a result, your muscles are better activated, and you build more muscle mass.

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The TrueBike replicates the outdoor cycling experience to perfection

Wielerflits review

Great bike!

Since two weeks I am the proud owner of a Truebike. It is a real pleasure to train indoor on this beautifull bike. Riding on this trainer is as realistic as can be. The software and gears work great and the support from Truekinetix is perfect. You have to try it yourself to experience the difference between the Truebike robotica and the old fashion flywheel trainers. I can recommend this bike to everyone who would like to improve their performance. I am sure this will give my performance on the outdoor bike in spring 2022 a enormous boost!

Edwin Otto

The TrueTrainer is much more realistic

Trainer purchased to get fit through the winter. With this trainer I can use my power much better, especially at high wattages. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to train seriously this winter.

Thomas P. 

Get outdoor stronger with the TrueBike

I have tried many indoor bikes and none of them come remotely close to the real biking experience as the TrueKinetix’ Truebike. I come out of the winter stronger than ever. Get it now!

Wouter Hut

Trusted by Athletes

Professional cyclists and triathletes trust our indoor bike trainers to stay fit year-round.

We love sports

We believe that sports is the key to staying fit and healthy. That’s why we developed the TrueForce Technology.

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