Award-winning technology

Not just another trainer

TrueKinetix trainers are the most powerful indoor trainers, giving you natural cycling and real muscle loads at any speed, incline, or power.

So you can reach your full potential at home and become stronger outdoors.

We fixed the flaws of traditional flywheel trainers

  1. Muscle activation does not match with outdoor cycling
  2. Flywheels make it almost impossible to hit the same power numbers indoors as outdoors
  3. A less realistic experience is less comfortable and less fun

Your workout can be so much more effective.

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Stronger through science

With smart robotics and state-of-the-art tech, we have invented an alternative to the typical flywheel setup found in most smart trainers.

Our True Force technology integrates a high-powered motor, with robotics adjusting resistance 10,000 times a second. This precision ensures a superior engagement of cycling muscles which makes indoor cycling feel like outdoor cycling.

Developed with Dutch Technical Universities Eindhoven and Delft and awarded with multiple innovations awards

Indoor + outdoor = strength

Combining indoor training with outdoor training can benefit your health and performance in many ways.

To be precise, there are 6 reasons why weekly indoor training alongside your outdoor rides can make you a stronger cyclist.

What the experts say

The best indoor trainers for anyone looking to upgrade

The best indoor bikes for anyone looking to become stronger

It feels just like oudoor cycling!

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I have a funny feeling TrueKinetix will move faster than Wahoo

The TrueBike replicates the outdoor cycling experience to perfection

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How can every cyclist benefit from using TrueKinetix trainers?

Benefit 1:

Not only cardio but also a strength workout

Powered by robotics and a powerful motor, TrueKinetix trainers produce a pedal force 40 times stronger than standard flywheels, simulating an authentic outdoor cycling experience.  

The exact activation of your muscles helps increase muscle mass and provides both a cardio and a strength workout, maximizing your fitness gains. 

Benefit 2:

A more natural outdoor cycling feeling

True Force technology precisely replicates the forces experienced in outdoor cycling, ensuring a natural and realistic indoor ride.

Feel the difference as you unleash your power on climbs and sprints without slipping through the pedals, and experience the natural coasting sensation when you stop pedaling – just like on the road. 

Game-changing riding experience

Power climbing
  • Our powerful motor generates enough power to climb while standing on the pedals
  • Say goodbye to slip or instability – unlike traditional trainers
  • Become a stronger climber once and for all
We honor your microbreaks
  • Say goodbye to saddle discomfort with our built-in rocking motion
  • Engage your core muscles with natural cycling movement
  • Get micro-breaks or coasting during your ride
Lightest trainers on the market
  • Our cutting-edge tech creates the lightest trainers on the market
  • Travel and train anywhere with ease
  • Move and store more quickly and easily than other smart bikes or trainers

What our customers say

Just as realistic as riding outdoors

The experience of riding on this trainer is just as realistic as riding outdoors. The software and gears work seamlessly and the service from Truekinetix has been perfect. I highly recommend the TrueBike to anyone who wants to improve their performance.

Leo Donders

The TrueTrainer is much more realistic

Trainer purchased to get fit through the winter. With this trainer I can use my power much better, especially at high wattages. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to train seriously this winter.

Thomas P.

Get outdoor stronger with the TrueBike

I have tried many indoor bikes and none of them come remotely close to the real biking experience as the TrueKinetix’ Truebike. I come out of the winter stronger than ever.

Wouter Hut

Compatible across all platforms

The TrueBike and TrueTrainer sync seamlessly with top training platforms, like Zwift and Rouvy, supporting Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ANT+ connectivity.

Our trainers effortlessly share your rides with Strava, Garmin Connect, TrainingPeaks, and many others. They also pair with Garmin and other smartwatches and connect to all Bluetooth and ANT+ heart rate monitors for real-time heart rate tracking during your workout.

Optimized for Rouvy en Zwift

ERG soft start
  • Ease naturally into intervals
  • Rapid adjustments reflecting changes and inclines
  • Experience the most stable connection ever to Zwift
  • Zero interruptions during online races
  • Accuracy, immediacy, and reliability perfect for e-racing
  • Convert ANT+ heart rate measurements to Zwift without extra transmitters
  • Also compatible with older heart rate monitor models
  • Simple to connect using the TrueKinetix app

International shipping

TrueTrainer: we ship the TrueTrainer to the UK and all EU countries.
TrueBike:  The TrueBike is available in the Netherlands, Flanders and Nordrhein-Westfalen.

If your country is not available now, please sign up for the waiting list to get notified when shipping is available for your country. We use the waiting list to determine which country we should ship to next.

Learn more Sign up for waiting list

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Trusted by pro athletes

World Champion cyclists, Olympic speed skaters, and Ironman-winning triathletes use our trainers to compete for the biggest prizes in their sports. 

Making indoor cycling more natural and powerful is our mission

This revolution is only possible with our groundbreaking approach to generating resistance. 

Bas & Ignaat (Founders TrueKinetix)

Bas Rens en de TrueBike

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