At TrueKinetix we are committed to bringing real outdoor training indoors. We want to help people train more effectively during the off season and enable them to retain better fitness throughout the year.

People think they dislike indoor training because it is boring and warm. We are convinced that the real reason is that their muscles are loaded differently (on indoor equipment) compared to outdoor situations. On top of that, it has even been shown that different muscles are used on existing indoor training solutions. This makes it feel awkward and it doesn't help you outdoors as much as it could.

We create indoor training equipment that helps people to work out longer, harder and more efficiently, simply by offering the same muscle stimulation indoors as you would get outdoors. With our first product, the TrueBike, you will be able to cycle indoors with exactly the same muscle loads as you do outdoors.

- Passionate about sports:
As driven athletes we are frustrated by the fact that in winter, at night and during bad weather you need to train indoors. Not so much because we love the outdoors but mostly because we know that with the existing exercise equipment you train different muscles and you train them ineffectively

- Science and research based solutions:
We rely on facts when we tackle a problem. Many academic studies show that athletes training indoors generate 20-30% less power, other studies show that training indoors is experienced as much harder. Our own sports scientist has reproduced these measurements (and more), which has given us insights in how to mimic the outdoors reliably.

Some answers on FAQ’s:
- Why should you care?
You will be able to generate 20-30% more power or, put differently, burn 20-30% more calories in the same time.

- How do we do it?
By using computers (lots of them), robotics and learning algorithms (Artificial Intelligence to use the hip and cool lingo).

- Who are we?
A group of sports enthusiasts that like to tinker with technology combined with people who love technology and don’t mind the sports bit too much. But mostly a group of people that really get a kick out of changing the way the world trains indoors.

- When will this be ready?
The Pro-version of our TrueBike is almost ready to use and we are now delivering on the first orders to a select group of customers. The Competition-version of the TrueBike will follow by the end of this year.

- Want to know more?
Check back frequently, when the product is finished, we will let you know.

- But if you really don’t want to miss out:
Drop us an email at We will add you to our spreadsheet of email-friends, and will send you an email when we have something interesting. This will not happen immediately or frequently (we hate spam as much as you do). Also, please be aware that by sending us this email you are agreeing to all the privacy stuff we probably should care more about.

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